Over ons

With the team of Full Visual we capture the world around us. We create professional video productions for you. Not only do we film with a bird's eye, we also record your story from close up on the ground. We are a young, innovative company and we have the passion and skills to portray locations and products in a fantastic way. From a unique perspective we float through holiday parks, let homes shine and take up challenges who come our way. We create, among other things:

  •  Showroom videos
  • Promotional films for, for example, holiday parks and resorts
  • Home videos and new construction projects
  • Horses video productions
  • Company videos

This is just a selection from our package. Do you have an other video production in mind ask us about the possibilities. On our example page you can already get a taste of projects that we have prepared. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them via our contact form or over the telephone.

Our drone pilots are fully certified and in possession of a ROC-light.

Our drones are also registered, allowing us to make commercial flights for you.